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Using Power for Good

  • Ann Oliveri
    Ann Oliveri coaches and advises leaders and teams to work together in new ways and win support for what matters. Find out why coaching is the core competency of 21st century leaders and the ability to be coached is the best predictor of success.
  • Association for Healthcare Philanthropy
    Members of the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy include 5,000 fundraising professionals, development staff, public relations professionals, trustees, marketing professionals, administrators, and executives interested in health care fundraising.
  • IMF Family Association
    Members create an environment for personal and professional support, socializing and learning. IMFFA is a community of multi-cultural spouses and partners, and individuals who believe in thriving families.
  • National Association for Sport and Physical Education
    Team NASPE serves 16,000 physical education professionals, including coaches, athletic directors, trainers, and sports management professionals. With its association and corporate partners, NASPE members work to prevent and reduce obesity.
  • PCBC
    PCBC-The Show-is the idea marketplace and expo for homebuilding innovation in San Francisco, every June for the last 50 years. PCBC brings together People Creating Better Communities, hosting five leadership events, including The Vine Conference.
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The Likeness In the Woods A Death in Summer Elegy for April The Silver Swan Christine Falls

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Italia 2012

  • Arreverdici Roma
    Our annual retreat to La Selva in the Crete SIenese--the most beautiful place on earth. Ahhhhhh. Day trips to Urbino, Siena, Firenze, and Montecchielo. Cool and rainy, sunny and warm. Primavera.

France 2009

  • A Man With Two Parrots
    Drove 2,000 miles in two weeks to discover the French terroir and Corbu's legacy.


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